Workshop on Healthy lifestyle conducted

Learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle at the Nutrition Fair organized by the Health Ministry. Discover the benefits of proper diet, exercise, dental hygiene, stress management, and more. With 70% of lifestyle diseases preventable through nutrition and exercise, don't miss this opportunity to protect your health. Join us in reducing the incidence of chronic diseases in our population.

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The Health Ministry’s Nutrition unit is conducting a Nutrition fair for raising awareness among the students and the parents about the benefits of proper diet, exercise, substance abuse, dental hygiene, stress management and overall health. 


Lisa Hunt, Chief Nutritionist highlighted the importance of having a proper eating habits filled with healthy food and exercise to stay protected from chronic lifestyle diseases. 

She further urges that around 70% of the lifestyle diseases like cancer, hypertension, and diabetes can be avoided with proper food and exercise. 

Health Minister Hon Moses Jn Baptiste remarked his pleasure with this initiative and wants the citizens of Saint Lucia to follow it and to ultimately reduce the incidence of chronic disease in the population. 

He also stressed the importance of workshops like these, so that the people of Saint Lucia will be better equipped to make lifestyle changes and stressed the importance of early education on such matters. He also believes that such changes are key for protecting the health of the future. 

The students of the Piaye Secondary School where the workshop was conducted also expressed their opinion of the workshop. 

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