Within 10 years MWI may be closed

MWI Reveals New Strategy: Moving Mental Health Services Into the Community

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Today, the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute revealed a new long-term strategy that calls for bringing services into the community.


One of the five-year goals of the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute is to move outpatient and long-term care services into the community, as well as acute inpatient mental health services to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, which is located in Paget, Bermuda.

The BHB intends to shut down MWI by the year 2031. A patient-centered rehabilitation paradigm, prioritizing care based on needs, and "fighting the stigma and discrimination associated with MWI services" are some of the other objectives of this project.

Mental health, intellectual disability, and substance abuse are all included in the five-year plan. Outpatient care in the community is easier to acquire, according to acting psychiatric director Anna Nielson.


A year ago, mental health services were made available at the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Center and the Hamilton Medical Centre on Victoria Street.

Moving acute mental health services to KEMH would result in "separate, purpose-built units in the same location," according to her.

MWI's interim COO and VP of clinical operations, Preston Swan, started a campaign to eradicate mental illness stigma is ongoing in collaboration with PHE (Public Health England) and British mental health charity Mind.

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