Wearing masks in public transport will end in a week<strong> </strong>

Say goodbye to mandatory masks on public transport! A new bill is set to be introduced in the Chamber of Deputies next week, aiming to lift the mask mandate. If approved, you may no longer have to wear a mask during your commutes. Though some people may choose to continue wearing masks, the virus is less harmful now, making it feasible to go maskless. Vulnerable individuals are still advised to wear masks, and they will remain necessary in hospitals and elderly care facilities. Stay tuned for the official publication of the law this week.

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The railways, tram, and bus mask mandate is almost a thing of the past. The bill to this effect, which will be introduced in the Chamber of Deputies next week and must be approved by elected officials, will be voted on at 2 p.m. Thursday in a plenary session that starts at 2 p.m.


According to a conclusion in the parliamentary file, which was written by Socialist deputy Mars Di Bartolomeo, "Europe and Luxembourg have rebounded greatly since the start of spring, but the epidemic is not beaten yet."

Some people will still wear masks

If infections are still widespread despite a substantial drop, the virus is less harmful than before and ailments are only rarely life-threatening. As a result, it will be feasible to remove one's mask in public transportation immediately.

However, the mask will not be banned and it will continue to be advised for those who are vulnerable. It will also always be necessary when visiting a hospital or an elderly care facility.

The obligation's conclusion must take effect on the day the law is published in the Memorial, which should occur no later than Thursday or Friday after the vote.

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