Ukrainian children with disabilities receive a warm welcome in Romania as they flee their war-torn country

Ukrainian children with disabilities find support and care in Romania amidst the turmoil of war. The Baicoi residential facility, with assistance from the community, local organizations, and UNICEF, is embracing the children and ensuring their needs are met. Despite their cognitive limitations, the children are learning the Romanian language and experiencing improved physical and mental health. UNICEF is also providing vital services to affected children and families in Ukraine.

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Prior to the arrival of the group from Odessa, Ukraine on March 4, staff at Baicoi's residential placement facility in Romania were unfamiliar with caring for children with special needs. In recent weeks, the team has regained its footing with the assistance of the local community, surrounding organizations, and UNICEF.


According to director Letitia Musat, Romanian employees assist Ukrainian caretakers at Baicoi in engaging youngsters, working with small groups, and ensuring that their needs, including any medical problems, are met.

The facility is populated by children from 5 to 18. The majority of them are cognitively limited. According to Musat, "we can already communicate because they have begun to learn the Romanian language. They are quite friendly and affectionate toward us. Their whole physical, emotional, and mental health has improved."

UNICEF and its partners are on the ground in Ukraine, delivering critical humanitarian services such as clean water, medical supplies, remote education, and refugee assistance to children and families affected by the violence.

 By the middle of this month, children in refugee-hosting countries had received formal or non-formal education or early learning support from UNICEF as part of this emergency response.

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