Traditional medicine alliance between Pakistan and China

Pakistan and China join hands to establish a game-changing Traditional Medicine Alliance, aimed at developing the Pak-China Health Corridor. The alliance, initiated by Pakistan-China Medical Association and China Academy of Chinese Medicine, will pave the way for collaboration between prestigious universities and institutes of both countries. This landmark initiative will bolster research in Traditional and Herbal Medicine, with a particular focus on developing anti-viral drugs for COVID-19 patients. Together, Pakistan and China are set to revolutionize healthcare and promote wellness through the advancement of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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Pakistan-China conventional Medicine and Infectious Diseases Avoidance and Control Alliance was launched to build the Pak-China Health Corridor.


Pakistan-China Medical Association and China Academy of Chinese Medicine founded the Alliance.

The University of Punjab, Gomal University and Bahaudin Zakaria University will join along with Chinese universities and seven other institutes.

Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz, president of Pakistan China Medical Council, hopes the Health Corridor will link Pakistan and China, promote health and wellness, and advance TCM.

The Alliance will promote Herbal and Traditional Medicine research in both countries and jointly develop new TCM, especially anti-viral drugs for COVID-19 patients and others.

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