The United Kingdom to assist Liberia in areas of health development

The United Kingdom pledges support to Liberia's health development and democratic governance. UK Ambassador Neil Bradley emphasizes the country's involvement in healthcare, including leading the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and providing funds for hunger alleviation and nutrition programs. The UK's commitment to maternal and newborn health is also evident through the provision of personal safety equipment. Learn more about the UK's initiatives in Liberia.

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United Kingdom (UK) government reiterated its support for Liberia's progress and democratic governance in a statement released today.


Mr. Neil Bradley, Ambassador to Liberia, says that his nation would continue to play a role in several areas, including health, in the future.

The UK government has been active in five critical areas in Liberia, Amb. Bradley said, during a courtesy call to the Liberia mission in London, where he conducted meaningful conversations "regarding increased collaboration between Liberia and the UK" with his Liberian counterpart.

Regarding healthcare and education, he mentioned that the UK is leading the way in WHO's COVAX Initiative's distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations, with Liberia as one of the countries to benefit.


He also explained that the British government will provide Mary's Meals with US$2.6 million dollars from 2021 to 2024 to assist alleviate hunger for more than 157,000 Liberian children.

Visiting the project area in Bomi County, according to Ambassador Bradley, will be the best way to measure the initiative's success.

UNICEF's Nutrition and Financing Facility, which has 1.3 million women and children as its aim, will receive US$5 million from the United Kingdom, as well as US$80,000 from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Liberia to help reduce the occurrence of stunting from 36% to 33% by 2024.

Efforts are being made to enhance the health of pregnant women and their newborns. Personal safety equipment worth another $1.5 million was provided to the fight against the worldwide epidemic.

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