The Netherlands Consulate seeks to improve Nigeria's healthcare system

Improving Nigeria's Healthcare System: Insights from the Netherlands Consulate Discover the Netherlands Consul-General's efforts to enhance healthcare in Nigeria through market expertise. Learn about the push for new alliances and bridging the gap in the Nigerian health system. Find out how foreign companies and partners are investing in Nigeria's healthcare sector. See how the Netherlands Consulate is committed to transforming healthcare in Nigeria with the help of PharmAccess Foundation. Explore opportunities for Dutch companies in the Nigerian health market.

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The Netherlands Consul-General stationed in Lagos, Michel Deelen, has stresses the need of providing Dutch enterprises in Nigeria through market expertise in order for them to better engage with players in the nation's healthcare sector.


"We want to see new alliances," Deelen stated recently during a session he convened to assess the "Nigerian health sector market analysis" in Lagos.

In her comments, Ngozi Azodoh, director of the federal ministry of health's department of research, planning, and statistics, emphasised the necessity of developing and providing in Nigeria's self healthcare schemes in order to reduce medical tourism.

"It's time to look about methods to bridge the gap in the Nigerian health system via investments, so that medical tourism may be reduced," she added.


Akin Abayomi, Lagos State Commissioner for Health, presented a summary of the market study's principal results and how they pertain to the state. He focused on infrastructure investment, brain drain, the pharmaceutical industry, public-private partnerships (PPPs), and indigenous vaccine manufacture. He continued, "We must be imaginative and design in accordance with our surroundings."

At the workshop, PharmAccess Foundation presented high-level findings and outlined the study's key objectives, which incorporated highlighting trade cases recommendable for thoughtfulness by Dutch Life-Science-Health (LSH) companies, making contributions where achievable, and signifying how Netherland companies can location themselves as Nigeria's most pioneering associates in healthcare growth.

According to the presentation, Nigeria is an appealing investment destination, with foreign companies and partners studying our markets on a regular basis and making investment choices based on their findings.


Njide Ndili, national director of PharmAccess, praised the Netherlands Consulate in Lagos for being deliberate and determined to improve Nigeria's healthcare system.

"I have never met a more committed bunch of individuals devoted to improve healthcare in Nigeria than the Netherlands Consulate," Ndili added.

She claimed that no one pillar could single-handedly transform the healthcare business, which is why everything PharmAccess does, is interconnected and integrated in a holistic way.

The Dutch Consulate specially made PharmAccess Foundation to carry out a market study on Nigerian wellbeing area in order to offer stakeholders, including the Netherland peak sector Life-Science-Health (LSH), with a consideration to face the opportunities in the health sector of Nigeria, as well as to identify ways to positively influence the healthcare market.

Health infrastructure investments, medical tourism, health insurance, telemedicine, Nigerian pharmaceutical markets, and other areas of interest included potential Dutch corporations.

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