The health ministry of Ukraine warns of growing infection risks in occupied territories

Ukraine's Health Ministry warns of growing infection risks in occupied territories due to damaged infrastructure and contaminated water sources. Get the latest information on the increased risk of infection and infectious diseases in these areas.

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Ihor Kuzin, Ukraine's chief sanitarian officer, said it is difficult to get accurate data from the temporarily occupied territories in Ukraine, leading to an increased risk of infection and infectious diseases.


Kuzin reports that since June 1, more than 440 patients with acute intestinal infections, including 165 with cholera, and six healthy people have been examined for prophylaxis. No signs of cholera have been detected though.

Additionally, specialists analyzed more than 100 samples of fresh water, nine samples of seawater, and 80 samples of wastewater; none of these samples revealed pathogens.

According to Kuzin, getting information from temporarily occupied territories in the country, particularly from Mariupol, has become difficult, and the risk of infection or infectious disease in those areas is increasing.

The Health Ministry says that this is due to damage to the city's infrastructure, which contaminates the wells and allows sewage to mix with drinking water.

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