The EU has prepared medical assistance for Bosnia and Herzegovina's Armed Forces

The EU approves €6 million aid package for Balkan Medical Task Force to strengthen military medical capacity and promote regional cooperation. Assistance will be provided to the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, and North Macedonia. Read more about this important initiative.

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The European Council approved a €6 million aid package for Balkan Medical Task Force (BMTF) from the European Peace Fund (EPF) .


The assistance measure is noteworthy because it will assist the BMTF in building capacity by purchasing medical equipment and materials for the Armed Forces of BiH , Albania,  Montenegro, Serbia and North Macedonia all of which are BMTF members.

"In this context, the measure seeks to strengthen the region's military medical capacity as well as humanitarian efforts, promoting regional cooperation and cohesion." In order to reach the goal, the measure, according to the statement, will help fund components for field hospitals.

The EPF was founded in 2021 to assist partners worldwide in the fields of military and defence, with the aim of preventing conflict,  strengthening international stability and security and preserving peace.

The BMTF was formed as a regional initiative that brought six participating countries together to provide an effective and rapid response to disaster-stricken nations by utilising existing military medical capabilities.

For two years, each of the six participating countries serves as a "Framework Nation." From June 2020 to June 2022, North Macedonia will be in charge.

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