The current administration has repealed a law that prohibited the importation of drugs from outside the European Union

The administration's repeal of a law on drug importation from outside the EU has sparked discussion on healthcare issues. Learn more about the impact of this decision and the perspectives of the Democratic Party leader.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Democratic Party leader Sali Berisha kept a discussion with doctors to discuss health-care issues.


According to Sali Berisha, the Rama administration's first law change after taking power prohibited the import of drugs not traded in the European Union.

According to the Democratic Party leader, his party approved a law that allows medicines that are only sold in EU countries to be sold in Albania because they are safe.

"Vilma Nushi, who represents the public pharma company in Belgrade, took it down, and Serbian medicines that couldn't be imported were imported because they didn't meet EU standards. The law was repealed, and Vilma Nushi was elevated to the status of an oligarch, after which she was examined, and so on.

I express to you my firm belief that white shirts' participation in a strong anti-government movement is the most important prerequisite for finding solutions to the major problems that doctors face" This was stated by Berisha.

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