Tainan City, Taiwan, has reported the first case of Japanese Encephalitis in 2022

First Case of Japanese Encephalitis Reported in Tainan City, Taiwan in 2022 Tainan City, Taiwan, experienced its first confirmed case of Japanese Encephalitis this year. The patient, a resident in his 50s with no recent travel history, exhibited symptoms including fever, limb paralysis, and altered awareness. The area surrounding the patient's residence, known for high-risk locations such as pig farms and rice fields, has been sanitized and precautionary measures have been implemented. Japanese Encephalitis cases have been observed in all age brackets, with the epidemic season typically running from May to October, peaking in June and July.

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The Taiwan Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported the first verified case of Japanese Encephalitis this year, on Monday.


The patient is in his 50s from Tainan City's Beimen District, who has no recent local or overseas travel history and whose customary activities revolve primarily around his residence.

On June 7, 2022, he developed a fever, and after two days, he experienced weakness in lower limb paralysis and an altered state of awareness. He sought medical attention and was later hospitalized. yesterday,  He was diagnosed during a follow-up and examination and is presently receiving treatment for his condition.

The residence of the patient is near high risk locations like pig farms and rice fields. According to estimates, there is a larger chance of infection close to home. The health team has sanitized the surroundings and installed mosquito nets for the patient's home and adjacent animal farms. Local residents were briefed about the situation and given health instructions to follow. 

From 2018 through 2021, the total number of occurrences in the nation were 37 cases, 21 cases, 21 cases, and 28 cases respectively, with the majority occurring in individuals over the age of 40, but there are instances throughout all age brackets.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the epidemic season for  Japanese encephalitis in Taiwan runs from  the month May to the month of October each year, with the epidemic peaking in June and July.

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