Syrian and Iranian health ministers pay visits to a number of facilities

Syrian and Iranian health ministers strengthen bilateral ties through facility visits and medical cooperation. Exchanging expertise and signing pharmaceutical deals bolster health sectors between the two countries.

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Hassan al-Ghabbash, Iran's Health Minister, and Bahram Eynollahi, Iran's Minister of Health and Medical Education, visited a number of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that specialise in the production of chronic disease pharmaceuticals, as well as the Center for Strategic Studies and Health Training.

According to Al-Ghabbash, the Iranian Delegation's visit will strengthen bilateral ties by allowing the two sides to negotiate a number of agreements, exchange expertise and visits, and sign a number of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals deals.

For his part, Eynollahi stated that the visit's goal is to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the health and medical sectors, noting Syria's high-level capabilities as a potential source of future cooperation.

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