Syria and Iran are having a discussion to improve their collaboration in the field of health care

Syria and Iran discuss ways to enhance collaboration in healthcare | Boosting pharmaceutical industry, medical supplies, research, and more | Joint conferences to pave the way for bilateral cooperation | Commitment to improving health conditions and sharing industry data

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Damascus- PM Eng. Hussein Arnous and his group met with Minister of Health from Iran  Dr. Bahram Ayn Allah and his delegation on Monday to explore methods to increase Syria-Iran collaboration in the pharmaceutical industry, equipment, medical supplies, scientific research, medical tourism, and student and professor exchanges.


During the discussion, the two countries discussed organising joint medical conferences, which might open up new avenues for bilateral collaboration in this area.

"Any cooperative activities that contribute to improving both countries' health conditions and increasing medical teamwork, including the construction of joint pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities," Arnous continued.

Iran's Minister of Health, for his part, stated that his country is committed to expanding bilateral health and scientific cooperation, as well as sharing pharmaceutical industry data.

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