Suriname witnesses 35 to 40 new kidney dialysis patients annually

Suriname witnesses a yearly increase of 35 to 40 new kidney dialysis patients, with a growing trend of 4% annually. The Kidney Foundation Suriname reveals that there are currently 850 individuals on dialysis throughout the country, leading to a significant lack of capacity. In comparison to the Netherlands, the number of new patients per 100,000 inhabitants in Suriname is considerably high. To address this issue, the foundation plans to launch a large-scale campaign to raise awareness and promote prevention. Additionally, five successful kidney transplants have recently been performed at the Academic Hospital Paramaribo, indicating a positive outlook for transplantation in Suriname.

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The number of kidney dialysis patients grows by 4 per cent every year in Suriname. This is 35 to 40 new patients per year. According to Leon Brunings, chairman of the Kidney Foundation Suriname (NSS), 850 people are on dialysis throughout Suriname. He said this on June 21 while handing over the collected funds for the renovation and repair of the National Kidney Dialysis Center (NNC).


The information on the number of kidney dialysis patients is based on an inventory made eighteen months ago. The patient's dialysis is spread over different centres in Suriname. Brunings mentioned that there are currently seven centres in Suriname that are doing dialysis. The other centres are private.

Although there are several centres that dialysis patients, the overall capacity in Suriname is insufficient. Brunings stated that there are currently patients waiting in Suriname to be on dialysis. Compared to the Netherlands, the number of new patients in Suriname based on 100,000 inhabitants is relatively high, Brunings said.

“We are about 3.5 times higher than in the Netherlands.” Brunings indicated that the foundation has therefore decided to take a preventive approach and to tell the population how someone becomes a kidney dialysis patient and what can be done to prevent it. In a few months, the Kidney Foundation will start a large-scale campaign to raise public awareness.

Recently, five kidney transplants were performed at the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP). The operations were successful. Both the people who have received a kidney and those who have donated a kidney are doing well. Brunings said he is in favour of kidney transplants in Suriname.

Burnings also stated that a lot has passed before kidney transplants had taken place. He further mentioned, some issues need to be resolved with the Ministry of Health. The Kidney Foundation will make an effort to support the work.

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