Small girl overcomes rare cancer against odds & is going to celebrate her 1st communion in Réunion

Anathaly, a small girl from Réunion, defies all odds as she overcomes a rare cancer and prepares to celebrate her first communion. Despite doctors initially giving her only a few weeks to live, Anathaly's parents never gave up hope. With the help of experimental chemotherapy, her life was saved. Though her father tragically passed away, Anathaly and her mother persevered through multiple procedures and years of relapse. Now, in a true miracle, Anathaly is in remission and ready to embrace this significant milestone. On Sunday, June 19, she will receive her first communion in a special location meaningful to both her and her late father. Join in celebrating this incredible journey of courage and triumph.

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Anathaly, an 8-year-old girl from Réunion, will receive her first communion on Sunday. The young girl was battling histiocytosis, a rare cancer. Doctors told her parents that she would only survive a few weeks after birth. At the same time, his father passes away, despite successful experimental chemotherapy for his disease.


The struggle of Anathaly's parents 

Anathaly was born in 2013, but she had the most severe form of histiocytosis (orphan disease). She only had a few weeks to live, according to the physicians.

Her parents, on the other hand, are adamant about not giving up. They traveled to France to meet internal medicine hospital practitioner Dr. Donadieu Jean. The latter is a physician that provides experimental chemotherapy.


Sad news

Anathaly, who was just a few weeks old at the time, responded favorably to the experimental treatment. Her life is saved as a result of the successful outcome. The family's happiness, however, is fleeting. Anathaly's father does, in fact, die a few weeks later. Fabienne and Anathaly were just about to embark on a new adventure. Several procedures were performed on the girl, and she relapsed for a few years.

A miracle 


Anathaly and her mother found out a few days ago that she is in remission and has survived her ailment. This Sunday, June 19, the young girl, then eight years old, will get her first communion after all of her trials. 

Her mother did not pick the location at random: "Her first communion will be held in a meaningful location for me and her late father. When she was only a few weeks old, we prayed in the Church of the Deliverance in Saint-Denis. Even if her father isn't here today, I believe it's vital for her to get her first communion here. " Anathaly's mother adds.

After years of fighting cancer with support from her mother in a local committee, the young girl will celebrate her first communion on Sunday, June 19.

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