Qatar's MoPH holds a hand hygiene awareness campaign to prevent the spread of communicable diseases

Join Qatar's Ministry of Public Health in their hand hygiene awareness campaign to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Get informed about the importance of hand washing practices in healthcare facilities and learn effective hand hygiene techniques. The campaign includes instructional booklets, informative presentations, instructional plays, and hands-on demonstrations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to protect yourself and others.

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As part of the World Hand Hygiene Day celebrations in May, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) sponsored an expanded awareness campaign in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation, Primary Health Care Corporation, and the private health care sector.


The campaign included numerous health experts, health facility administrators, CEOs, and lawmakers. It encompassed the entire healthcare facility as well as multiple schools, with the goal of promoting, improving, and emphasizing the importance of hand washing practices in health facilities, as well as operationalizing effective hand hygiene practices in diverse health care-providing settings.

The Ministry of Public Health's Department of Strategic Planning and Performance developed an awareness campaign that drew significant participation from all Qatari health institutions.

The campaign includes activities to raise awareness on World Hand Hygiene Day, May 5. The event included the display and distribution of numerous instructional booklets on the necessity of hand washing, infection prevention, and control, as well as instructive presentations in patient waiting rooms, auditoriums, and locations with display screens.

The ad also includes instructional plays about healthy behaviors and the value of hand washing, as well as a hands-on demonstration of how to wash hands. A team from the Ministry of Public Health's Public Health Department took part in the campaign by conducting awareness efforts aimed largely at a group of significant Qatari firms. 

Field visits and physical and virtual awareness exercises in a variety of foreign languages were used to educate and simplify information for the workforce category. The infection control team finished the hand hygiene campaign with a ceremony at Al Waab Health Center, during which health workers such as nurses, doctors, and decision-makers were recognized and numerous campaign participants were honored.

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