Punjab has set aside Rs. 470 billion for health sector

Discover Punjab's commitment to the health sector with a proposed allocation of Rs. 470 billion in the upcoming fiscal year. This substantial increase of 27% demonstrates the government's dedication to providing quality healthcare services. Learn about the specific budget allocations for various healthcare initiatives, including the Universal Health Insurance Program and improvements in hospital facilities. Explore the focus on specialized healthcare and medical education, as well as the emphasis on communicable disease control and family planning services. Experience the vision for universal healthcare coverage and enhanced patient care with Universal Health Insurance.

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In 2022-23, the Punjab government proposes devoting Rs. 470 billion to the health sector, which is a 27% increase over 2021-22.


According to a budget document reviewed by Business Recorder, non-development spending has been given Rs 296 billion, while development spending has been allocated Rs 174.5 billion. In 2021-22, the Universal Health Insurance Program (Health Card) would have a budget of 125.34 billion rupees, up from 60 billion in 2021-22.

In the coming fiscal year, PKLI will receive Rs 5 billion, and hospitals will begin receiving free medications in July 2022. A fund of Rs 5.80 billion has been set up to address the deficit of hospital facilities, while a fund of Rs 3.87 billion has been set up to support the National Health Support Programme (NHSP). THQ CT scans will cost Rs 1 billion, while DHQ MRIs will cost Rs 2 billion.

THQ Hospitals have been given Rs 1.8 billion, population welfare has been given Rs 1.16 billion, nursing and tertiary care hospitals have been given Rs 1.6 billion, DHQ Hospitals have been given Rs 1.3 billion, and integrated reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health has been given Rs 1.6 billion.


In the budget for 2022-23, Rs 2 billion is set aside for communicable disease and infection control. The budgeted amount for family planning services is Rs 4 billion.

The development budget for the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department is Rs 21 billion. Ongoing equipment and facility projects would cost Rs 3.10 billion. The total cost of new projects is Rs2.70 billion.

The proposed budget for specialised healthcare and medical education is Rs 151.50 billion, up 93% from the current year. It will cost Rs 2 billion to upgrade medical college dorms, and Rs 900 million to purchase ventilators. The trauma centre in Multan, which will cost 500 million rupees, will include 70 beds.


Khawaja Salman Rafique chaired a conference at Punjab Health Initiative Company to examine health insurance steps on the topic of "Universal Health Insurance." Personnel from the State Life Insurance Company briefed the provincial minister on M-paneling and hospital treatment options.

"Through Universal Health Insurance, we want to provide free medical care to the people of Punjab," says Salman Rafique. Shahbaz Sharif was the one who invented health insurance. PM and CM desire to provide the greatest healthcare to residents. Bone marrow transplants will also be available through this programme.

He went on to say that State Life employees working in Punjab's public and private hospitals must improve patient care. Patients' care in Punjab hospitals would be monitored by Universal Health Insurance.

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