Provo Home to a New EMS Base in TCI

Discover the latest update on emergency medical services in Provo! Learn about the new EMS base and ambulance in the Bight, along with plans for additional ambulances and personnel. Enhancing emergency response on the TCIs most populous island, this article highlights the efforts made during EMS Week to raise awareness and provide training. Don't miss out on this important news in the field of health and emergency services.

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New Update



The second EMS facility will be relocated to the Bight, along with a brand new ambulance which will be based there, according to a member of the Health Ministry, Jamell Robinson. The announcement was made during budget debate that was held in the first week of May.


The plans received more attention during the recently held EMS Week, and numerous efforts were made to raise the awareness of emergency medical services professionals. Also, the minister in charge of health announced during EMS Week, which was held around mid-May that the concerned department will acquire three more new ambulances, as many as nine new personnel one of which would be a Medical Officer, and an additional supportive site in Providenciales as part of this year's budget.

The Minister added that the EMS facility will be built in a second location to enhance emergency responses across the TCIs most populous island.

Respective ministeries in the field of health, emergency medical services (EMS) workers and their families attended the weekly church services as per the following schedule – 


St Monica’s Day in Providenciales and the Grand Turk Day at the Salem Baptist Church; 

Education Day was observed on Monday; 

Safety Day was organized on Tuesday in South Caicos; 


The EMS Children’s Day was held on Wednesday to provide youngsters with a glimpse of what it means to be an EMS practitioner; 

Thursday was reserved as the ‘Save a Life’ day at the Gustavus Lightbourne Gym, and included CPR and other life-saving skills training;

Friday was observed as the EMS Appreciation Day;

There are 27 EMTs on the islands a present, and according to the MOH, they are brilliant minds who have risen to the challenge in a time of uncertainty and dread.

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