Prostate Cancer Awareness titled “Start the conversation” launched

Join the conversation on prostate cancer awareness with the Positive and Elektralyets Foundation. Learn from survivors and experts as they discuss the importance of regular checkups and overcoming the stigma. Find out more about the awareness program and watch the premiere of the video at Caribbean Cinemas. Don't miss this opportunity to take action against prostate cancer.

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New Update



In lieu of the National Men’s Health Awareness Month, the Positive and Elektralyets Foundation is conducting an awareness program known as  â€œStart the Conversation – Prostate Cancer Awareness.”


The program was officially kicked off by an interview on OASIS FM with Mr Gordon Snow, Mercedes Van Der Waals and Elektra. 

Furthermore, in connection with the program, the foundation is planning to release a small video, which will premiere at the Caribbean Cinemas and Foundation. Various social media platforms will also share this video. 

The aim of this video is to initiate a conversation regarding prostate cancer and to take action against it by men in the community. The video will feature men who are survivors of prostate cancer who will advise the community on the importance of regular checkups. 

Funded by the Adtalem Global Education and the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC), the short video is directed by Peter Sagnia. Radio services will also broadcast the newly developed public service announcement by the foundation. 

With this, the foundation aims to remove the stigma surrounding prostate cancer and hopes to create awareness by encouraging people to get checked regularly, particularly men who are above 45 should request their doctors for a prostate-specific antigen test. 

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