President Solih establishes 'Maldives Health Services’

President Solih establishes the 'Maldives Health Services' to enhance primary healthcare and address public health needs in a decentralized manner. This move includes transferring healthcare service providers to the new institution, aimed at improving oversight and delivery of essential healthcare services.

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Early this week, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced the formation of the 'Maldives Health Service.' President Solih followed the advice of his cabinet in making the decision.


The Maldives Health Services would be in charge of enhancing primary healthcare, catering to the country's public health needs in a decentralized manner, developing human resources, and educating technical health workers.

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem first announced the formation of 'Maldives Health Services during a press conference in June of last year.

He explained that approximately 108 healthcare service providers currently working for the Ministry of Health will be transferred to this institution, noting the Ministry's problems in overseeing healthcare service providers while still delivering primary healthcare services.

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