Police in Bokeo province seized almost 10,000,000 amphetamine pills

Authorities in Bokeo province seize almost 10 million amphetamine pills | Two individuals apprehended | Police investigating wider drug ring involvement | United Nations report reveals record-high methamphetamine pill collection in South and Southeast Asia | Illegal drug problem poses challenges in the region

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On Friday, authorities in Bokeo discovered approximately 10,000,000 amphetamine pills from two people.


According to the Bokeo Newspaper, Laos; two people from the provinces of Bokeo and Xieng Khouang were apprehended with 12,000,000 amphetamine pills weighing around 1,440 kilogrammes.

Before police caught on to their suspicious activities, the robbers were trafficking amphetamine pills in cargo trucks.

Police are looking into whether or not the men are involved in illegal narcotics trafficking.


Because the individuals are most likely part of a wider drug ring, police are looking into more details about their illegal activities.

According to a new United Nations report, South and Southeast Asia collected more than a billion illegal methamphetamine pills in the previous year, the highest amount ever reported in the region.

The illegal drug problem in the region is considerable and difficult to control due to its size.

Amphetamines are widely used and exported in Southeast Asia, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and South Asia.

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