Over 150 people in Cameroon perish due to Cholera

Discover the devastating toll of cholera in Cameroon, with over 150 deaths in the past eight months. Learn how the disease has spread across the country and the challenges faced in providing aid. Find out more about the symptoms, treatments, and the recurring nature of cholera outbreaks in Cameroon.

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The United Nations on Monday revealed that over 150 people had died in Cameroon due to a recurrence of cholera over a period of the last eight months. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that the ministry of health had managed to register 8241 cases as well as 154 deaths at May end. 


Cholera has been detected in seven out of ten regions of West Africa. Following the English-speaking Southwest at 5,628 reported cases and 90 confirmed deaths, the Littoral region had 2,208 reported cases and 58 confirmed deaths, according to OCHA.

OCHA's Cameroon office chief Karen Perrin warned that access to the southwest "remains challenging" following years of fighting between English-speaking separatists and the army.

Cholera can be cured by antibiotics and fluids. It is an acute diarrheal disease that if left untreated, can kill an individual in a few hours. In excess of 25 million people live in Cameroon, and the country experiences cholera outbreaks on a regular basis. In 2020 between January and August, 66 persons perished as a result of an outbreak.

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