NUS launches new health clinic

Discover the new on-campus Health Clinic launched by the National University of Samoa. Providing top-notch healthcare for employees and students, this clinic aims to blend theory and practice while ensuring convenient access for patients. Learn more about the University's commitment to improving healthcare outcomes and its efforts in mainstreaming protection against Covid.

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Yesterday morning, the National University of Samoa conducted the formal opening of their first on-campus Health Clinic. 


The clinic's main goal, according to NUS Vice-Chancellor Prof. Aiono Alec Ekeroma, is to blend practice and theory while delivering top-notch health care to the employees and students. More significantly, the easiness for our admitted patients if any problems arise, as well as the closeness to students and staff members.

Professor Aiono said, "NUS is devoted to delivering the care required by our patients when are in need of it." The new on-campus clinic is situated on Vaivase's main campus at House Number 3. It is free to use, and it currently solely caters to residential students and University employees. The Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and patients may make an appointment by calling.

The University identified that an internal health care clinic was necessary to meet the healthcare requirements of our students. As a consequence, our work supports the University's goal of improving healthcare outcomes and mainstreaming protection from Covid by making the service accessible on campus. 


NUS accomplished this by combining medical education with a clinic that provides both theories and practice for our students about to graduate. According to Professor Aiono Alec Ekeroma, the University has employed a local doctor and an international nurse to address the clinic's employee requirements, ensuring the highest service quality and affecting the health of the students.

Sala Matasesa, Faculty of Health ScienceDean, said, "There will be participation in organizing different health awareness activities to teach and raise awareness among our students with the required health care knowledge they need."

"This is a fantastic success for the National University," said Pro-Chancellor Emma Kruse Vaai, "in which our graduate students have the opportunity access to a top-notch health clinic that will act as a vital building stone to enhance the health of the community and function as a useful resource."

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