NRH blessed with medical and caregiver beds

Blessings bestowed upon NRH with medical and caregiver beds from generous donors

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This week in the Solomon Islands, Malaysians, Chinese, and local Chinese men and women donated 90 beds to the National Referral Hospital (NRH), 50 medical beds for sick patients, and 30 foldable beds for carers.


Mr. Michael Leong, the owner and managing director of Honiara's Pacific Casino Hotel, reported that 100 Malaysians, Chinese, and local Chinese raised funds to purchase hospital beds.

"The present is our way of expressing our gratitude for the critical work our doctors and nurses do in caring for our ailing people, and to show them and our people that we are all in this together," Mr. Leong added.

He also praised James Fangs, a local Chinese businessman who organised the group, raised funds, and transported items to Honiara.


The same company provided the NRH with 300 20kg sacks of rice for COVID-19 employee wellness and patient meals. Mr. James Fangs offered the employees one of his Honiara properties until they tested negative for COVID-19 after mass testing at NRH indicated that more than half of the medical personnel tested positive.

All energy, water bills, beds, and other expenses were paid for by Mr. Fangs and the group.

Dr. Janella Solomon, NRH Medical Superintendent, praised the group for all they've done for the hospital since the COVID-19 outbreak in January.


We made it through COVID-19 thanks to your assistance. While food and housing significantly enhanced staff welfare and patient care, they also convinced us that we are not alone in our fight against COVID-19 and public service.

"Today, we are fortunate to have medical and caregiver beds." According to Dr. Janella, the medical beds' easy-to-adjust height and bend will make it easier for patients and caregivers to operate.

Caretaker beds, according to the Medical Superintendent, will allow caretakers of sick patients to rest.

She instructed the nurses accompanying her to take good care of the beds so that they could continue to serve people.

Dr. Janella expressed gratitude to the Malaysian, Chinese, and Solomon Island benefactors.

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