New key medical unit in Burundi

Naruvi Hospitals to open key medical unit in Burundi, strengthening bilateral ties and providing exceptional medical services.

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In Burundi, Naruvi Hospitals will open a key medical unit at the Government Hospital. As part of strengthening bilateral ties among Burundi and India, a Central African Republic, Naruvi Hospitals, a multi-specialty healthcare organization based in Vellore, will construct a main medical department at the Medical Centre in Burundi.

According to a statement, during the celebrations of 'International Day of the Nurses' at Naruvi Hospitals, the Burundian Diplomat to India, Stella Budiriganya, announced that in the presence of G V Sampath, Chairman of Naruvi Hospitals, that an MoU between Burundi Health centre and Naruvi Healthcare facilities for the above purpose will be signed soon.

"India has outstanding healthcare centers and clinics where treatment is provided based on exact diagnoses and tests, and the Government Hospital in Burundi likewise provides exceptional medical services to its citizens." The Burundi Hospital needs more physicians and nurses, and is seeking them from a variety of countries, including India, according to the Ambassador.

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