New health care app launched in Ethiopia

Discover the new health care app launched in Ethiopia, providing information on public health emergencies, mental health support, and access to healthcare services. Learn how this digital platform is revolutionizing healthcare and improving efficiency in the country.

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An emergency communication program in five languages was produced by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), Ministry of Innovation and Technology, and the Mastercard Foundation.


Digital Platform 8335, established by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, provides information about public health emergencies such as COVID-19 and yellow fever. Monkeypox has also been introduced to the system of information so that the public can take measures in light of the recent outbreak. People who have been forced to flee their homes can access mental health and emotional support through the portal.

During its first month of operation, the national public health emergency contact line received more than 300,000 calls and 100,000 unique callers seeking information on public health issues. During public health emergencies, this digital network mixes voice and text information to reach a large audience. Monitoring and detection are provided by this facility.

There are several benefits to this system, including better healthcare for the nation. COVID-19, DHIS-2, and other data systems can be accessed through the platform. Ethiopian Public Health Institute collaborates with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to develop the platform for public health emergency information.


Information on COVID-19 and four other public health threats is available via the Public Health Emergency Contact Center. EPHI Director-General Mesay Hailu said the information is given in different languages, making it accessible to a broader audience (Dr.).

With the help of this digital technology, you can get health-related information and use an interactive voice response system to ask questions (IVR). Allows contact center personnel to answer questions in less time.. HE Huria Ali, State Minister of Information Technology and Digital Economy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, noted that because the system receives and distributes messages quickly, information is conveyed more efficiently and simply.

"When COVID-19 struck in 2020, the Mastercard Foundation in Ethiopia offered country-wide measures to combat the disease. With this new digital service, the public will be able to make better health decisions. Our digital portfolios will benefit from what we've learned from this digital platform. Samuel Yalew Adela, the Mastercard Foundation's Ethiopia Country Head, says that by embracing technology, we can improve efficiency and connectivity in Ethiopia.


It is the mission of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) to improve Ethiopian public health by conducting health and nutrition research, utilizing information and cutting-edge technology, establishing a high-quality laboratory system, and educating public health researchers and practitioners on the most effective methods of combating public health issues.

The Ministry of Health ensures that all citizens have equal access to health care through developing preventative programs and constructing health infrastructures.. Assisting in the development of a strong healthcare system and of happy, healthy, and productive citizens is the mission of the Ministry of Health of Canada.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology was established by Proclamation 1263/2021. As part of its responsibilities, the agency is responsible for planning and implementing programs to promote innovation and technology, as well as supporting the capacity-building of institutions and people participating in such activities. It has the potential to aid in the development of new technologies, such as digital innovation.

With the help of innovative groups, the Mastercard Foundation helps young Africans and Indigenous Canadians find meaningful work. As one of the world's largest private foundations, its aim is to promote education and financial inclusion for an inclusive and equitable world. With its own board and management, Mastercard established the Foundation in 2006.

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