New epidemic in  North Lebanon

Jaundice outbreak in North Lebanon - Health emergency declared in Tripoli with 250 cases reported. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and efforts to contain the epidemic. Stay informed on the latest updates.

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Tripoli has been plagued with jaundice for several weeks.


The disease causes the bilirubin to accumulate in the blood and under the skin and in the eyes, causing yellowing of the skin and eyes.

On Monday, Dr. Joe Salloum of the Pharmacists Syndicate declared a health emergency since the number of cases in Tripoli and its environs had reached 250. Hospitals must be prepared to accept patients at any moment.

Dr. Salloum stressed the significance of creating special credits because vaccines are still supported and imports are delayed.

Dr. Bilal Abdullah, Minister of Public Health, followed up on the matter by contacting the North Health Authority.

All affected patients are being monitored, and attempts are being made to establish the source of the contamination and ensure the water supply's safety.

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