Namibia is confronted with obstacles regarding Pre-Hospital Care

Discover the challenges faced by Namibia in pre-hospital care and the growing demand for emergency medical services (EMS) due to trauma cases and health conditions. Learn about the efforts made to implement a well-functioning pre-hospital care system and the upcoming awards ceremony to recognize achievements in EMS. Find out why educating people about EMS is crucial for the country's healthcare system.

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According to Johannes Gaeseb, who serves as the director of tertiary medical care and clinical support services in the ministry of health, Namibia is trying to cope with a growing demand for pre-hospital services as a result of an increasing number of events of trauma caused by automobile accidents, acts of violence, and a wide range of other health conditions.


On Monday, Gaeseb shared his thoughts while speaking at the event that marked the beginning of a campaign to raise awareness about emergency medical services (EMS).

As per Gaeseb, it is estimated that the majority of deaths that occur as a result of tragic incidents, heart attacks, as well as obstetrical and gynecological crises could be averted with the implementation of a pre-hospital care system that is well set.

Gaeseb continued by stating that throughout the course of the past few years, a significant amount of work has been done in the process of delivering Emergency Medical Services throughout the country.


"Although there is much more progress to be made to guarantee that a usable, coordinated, easily available, and high-quality pre-hospital treatment is available throughout the country, the progress made toward achieving the set goals must be recognized and celebrated," he said. "These gains should be acknowledged and celebrated."

It is time, according to Fabian Martens, senior medical adviser and CEO of OSH-Med International, to educate people about emergency medical services (EMS) and how it affects day-to-day living. He continued by saying that EMS Namibia should not be required to hide under international norms. "EMS Namibia needs to step up to the plate in order to provide high-quality services to the general population. In order for us to prevail over this challenge, we have decided to hold an award ceremony. The presentation of EMS national honors is scheduled to take place on July 22nd, 2022, he stated.

Martens said that the commemoration of national EMS day celebrates the strides and milestones made via the delivery of services not just in the pre-hospital environment but also by all first respondents and primary healthcare professionals who fall under the EMS banner.


He mentioned that the day is traditionally celebrated on the 20th of June; however, the formal commemoration for this year will take place on the 22nd of July, 2022, concurrently with the EMS award ceremony.

It is possible to define emergency medical services (EMS) as a thorough system that offers the accommodations of professionals, infrastructure, and machinery for the purpose of providing efficient, organized, and availability of critical of safety and health facilities to victims of acute illness. EMS is an essential component of any healthcare system, and its definition can be found in the following:

Emergency medical services are an indispensable part of the universal healthcare coverage system (UHC). The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) combine the experience of paramedics with the capacity to quickly respond to any and all medical and trauma crises, regardless of location or geography, and in the shortest possible time frame. In addition to that, it includes the management of patients and incidents, as well as the recording and transfer of patients between hospitals.

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