Multi-drug resistance Tuberculosis is jeopardising Botswana's progress in combating the desease

Discover how multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is endangering Botswana's efforts to combat this infectious disease. Learn about the rising percentage of cases and the challenges it poses for public health. Find out how a recent TB drug donation from India is crucial in reducing treatment costs and ensuring availability for those in need.

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According to an official, the percentage of multi-drug resistant TB (tuberculosis)  in Botswana is increasing, jeopardising the country's progress against the disease over time.


According to Botswana's Minister of Health, Edwin Dikoloti, tuberculosis is still a priority public health issue and the most common opportunistic infection among people living with HIV, the virus that causes endemic AIDS.

"The multi-drug resistant TB, that we have seen emerge in the years, has posed a threat to the progress we have had over the years," Dikoloti said during a handover ceremony of an undisclosed amount of TB drug donation from India in Gaborone, Botswana's capital city.

Dikoloti stated that the donation of Linezolid and Cycloserine, both of which are essential for the multi-drug resistant tuberculosis treatment, will help to reduce government treatment spending while also ensuring drug availability "for our persons who are in need."

According to Dikoloti, tuberculosis-related mortality and morbidity are extremely high in Botswana, particularly drug-resistant tuberculosis.

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