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People in Malick Nana, North Bank Region of The Gambia, are in urgent need of government assistance for social amenities, especially a health facility. Women are facing significant challenges in accessing healthcare, resulting in maternal deaths during childbirth. Urgent action is needed to improve the health status of children and reduce the maternal death rate in the village.

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People in Malick Nana, North Bank Region of The Gambia, Upper Nuimi District, have appealed to the Gambia's government for assistance with social amenities, particularly a health facility, as they face numerous challenges in accessing health facilities, particularly for women who have been dying during childbirth.


Sarjo Jaw, a mother, said she gave birth to all but one of her children at home.

"I had a lot of difficulties during labor and have decided to stop having children because of a condition I encountered while giving rise to my last kid," she explained.

She also mentioned the difficulty of getting to Kuntaya Health Centre, which is rather far away.


She stated that many women in the village have died during or after childbirth, and others have lost their children after birth leading to numerous issues.

"We request a paramedic or a hospital from the Gambia government in improving the health status of our children and lower the maternal death rate," she said.

Fana Manga, a local obstetrician who learnt from her mother-in-law, said she assists people in labor but that she is not always able to support every lady to the hospital.

She went on to say that because most ladies ride horses and donkey carts and the roadway is in poor condition, some women will give birth on their route to the hospital.

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