Kamal Benmansour appointed as Head of ICHS Maghreb Arab Countries Chapter that includes Libya

Kamal Benmansour appointed as Head of ICHS Maghreb Arab Countries Chapter in London, UK. Learn about his expertise in science, media, and volunteer work, and how ICHS aims to expand humanitarian development and scientific research in health sectors.

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Dr. Kamal Benmansour, a member of the ICHS Higher Council and Head of the Tawassol Dentistes Group, has been selected as the head of the ICHS Maghreb Arab Countries Chapter in London, United Kingdom (Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Mauritiana).


His Majesty's Chief of Staff According to Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, the GCC's roving ambassador to the parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean as well as chairman of the International Council on Human Relations (ICHR) in London, the choice of Dr. Kamal Benmansour was based on the latter's expertise in both science and the media, in addition to his outstanding interpersonal skills gained through his work as a volunteer in a variety of scientific and cultural fields. While serving in a key capacity within the Waterfalls Initiative for Continuous Education, Dr. Benmansour also actively participated in the field of continuing medical education.

Health professions in more than 197 nations are covered by ICHS, with specific attention given to distant areas in poor regions and countries, so that medical workers are not denied continuous education and access to approved academic hours required for completing their job and studies. Research and rehabilitation of health institutions and hospitals across the world will benefit from this opportunity, allowing them to play leadership, humanitarian, and medical responsibilities only at highest levels."

As a non-profit and non-political organization, Dr. Al Madani emphasized, ICHS is committed to expanding humanitarian development and scientific research in health sectors to achieve its noble objectives.

Benmansour said he intends to work tirelessly and professionally, with a humanitarian perspective, to achieve ICHS's lofty aims to collaborate with scientific and medical activities in the Maghreb Arab Countries Chapter.

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