Incubators donated to Banadir Hospital by Somalia's Hormuud Salaam Foundation 

The Hormuud Salaam Foundation donates incubators to Banadir Hospital in Somalia, aiding premature babies in harsh conditions. This philanthropic project is part of the foundation's ongoing efforts to improve healthcare for women, children, and the community. Learn more about this donation and the foundation's contributions to healthcare in Somalia.

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The Hormuud Salaam Foundation in Somalia donated incubators last week to Banadir Hospital, the country's largest public health facility, which will help newborn babies born prematurely, survive in harsh conditions.


According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Health in Somalia, at least 12% of babies are born too early, making it difficult for them to survive. This encouraged the Hormuud Salaam Foundation to pitch in and help the health facility.

"Premature births account for 12% of all births in Somalia. Hormuud Salaam Foundation contributed ten incubators to the Banadir Hospital so that they could thrive and grow "In a tweet, the company stated.”This is a continuation of their present work to improve Medicare for women, kids, and the community as a whole."

Officials from the Ministry of Health and Banadir Hospital were present during the handover of the ten incubators. Abdullahi Nur Osman, chairman of the Hormuud Salaam Foundation, stated that the hospital had also asked the foundation to donate beds.


He added that the incubators were purchased from abroad as part of the foundation's philanthropic activities throughout the country. Somalia's health infrastructure has been strained, making it difficult for doctors to save thousands of people.

Fartun Sharif, the Director of the Banadir Hospital said that the apparatus contributed by Hormuud Salaam Foundation will go a long way in meeting the hospital's needs and thanked the foundation's management and staff. He also stated that the foundation will continue to collaborate closely with the Department of Health.

Dr. Ubah Farah Ahmed, Director of the Family Health Department at the facility, thanked the foundation for the donation, adding that more corporations should help the government meet the country's ever-increasing medical demands.

Abdullahi Salad Hussein, Director of Administration and Finance at the Federal Government of Somalia's Ministry of Health, praised the Hormuud Salaam Foundation's role in the hospital's development. The foundation will also provide the hospital with a generator.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Hormuud Salaam Foundation helped to protect the population by purchasing masks and sanitizers, among other things. The telecommunications company has been expanding its networks, which now reach northeastern Kenya.

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