In Slovakia, creche workers are no longer required to wear respirators

Slovakia relaxes respirator requirements for creche workers: Find out about the new decree from the Public Health Authority allowing creche employees to forgo wearing respirators, as long as permission is obtained from their employers. The article also highlights the continued need for respirators in health and social care settings, the option to wear masks instead, and the absence of respirator requirements in outdoor and non-healthcare indoor spaces. Stay informed on the latest COVID-19 updates in Slovakia.

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The requirements for wearing respirators have been relaxed by a new Public Health Authority decree.


As of Monday, June 13, creche employees are no longer required to wear respirators. This also applies to employees who will not wear them due to their work environment or the type of their job but must obtain permission from their employer.

Health and social care

Employees in hospitals, doctors' offices, drug stores, and other social and health care providers must still wear respirators when in contact with clients or patients. Patients in waiting rooms and doctor's offices, as well as visitors to these facilities, must wear respirators.


Residents of social services facilities and hospital patients are not required to wear nose and mouth coverings. The same restrictions apply to children under the age of six, individuals with autism, and individuals with moderate to severe mental or hearing impairments who enter hospitals and other social and health care facilities.

No one is required to wear a respirator when drinking and eating in hospital's buffet and social care facility.

Wear a mask rather than a respirator.


Workers may use a mask instead of a respirator if they have a skin condition that could be agitated by wearing a respirator or a chronic respiratory issue, according to the decree.

This change may also be permitted with the approval of an employer.

Outside, including at outdoor mass events, no respirators are required. With the exception of health and social care facilities, no respirators are required in interiors such as workplaces, public transportation, taxis, and mass events.

On June 12, Slovakia had 28 fresh Covid cases and 124 Covid patients hospitalized.

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