In Kyrgyzstan, Russian doctors will provide free medical consultations

Get free medical consultations from Russian doctors in Kyrgyzstan. Leading experts from MEDSI Group will provide expert consultations in various medical fields. Obtain qualified medical care, "second opinions," and rapid examinations at select healthcare facilities. Learn more about Russia's largest private healthcare provider and their extensive range of services.

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Representatives from the Kyrgyz Republic's Ministry of Health met with representatives from the MEDSI Group of Companies, Russia's largest nationwide network of clinics, today at the Kyrgyz Republic's Ministry of Health.


During the meeting, the parties explored the possibility of collaborating with the Kyrgyz Republic's Ministry of Health.

Leading experts from the MEDSI Group of Companies will undertake expert consultations in Kyrgyzstan on June 4 and 5. Oncological disease diagnosis and treatment, oncosurgery, endovascular surgery and the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies, reproductive health, gynaecological diseases, therapeutic and diagnostic arthroscopy, treatment of injuries and orthopaedic pathologies, and much more will be available at the receptions. Residents of Kyrgyzstan will be able to obtain free qualified medical care from Russia's largest private healthcare provider, as well as a "second opinion" for complex diagnoses and treatment adjustments, thanks to MEDSI's capabilities.

At the National Facility, the Center for Cardiac Surgery, the Center for Oncology and Hematology, and the maternity facility of the National Center for Maternal and Child Health, Russian specialists will conduct evaluations.

Patients will be able to participate in a number of rapid examinations as part of their appointments. Examine moles, use a modern dermatoscope to establish skin type, use a trichoscope to examine the state of the scalp and hair, do bioimpedance analysis, and calculate body composition, among other things.

JSC "Group of Companies" MEDSI is Russia's largest federal network of private clinics, offering everything from general care to emergency medicine to advanced diagnostics, surgical treatments, and rehabilitation. In Russia, MEDSI Group has 114 clinics. In Moscow and the Moscow region, there are 45 primary admission clinics, clinical diagnostic centres, children's clinics, clinical hospitals, and SmartLab digital clinics, as well as 69 clinics across Russia's provinces. MEDSI Group's portfolio also includes medical wellness and home care services.

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