In Bangladesh, 24 additional dengue cases were admitted to hospitals

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At least 24 additional dengue patients were admitted to hospitals throughout the nation on Sunday until 8 a.m., bringing the total number of official hospitalizations since January 1 to 571.


According to a press statement from the Directorate General of Health Services, just one dengue patient was hospitalised outside of Dhaka in the previous 24 hours, while 23 were hospitalised in the capital.

According to the announcement, 85 individuals, including 81 dengue patients, were being treated at various health institutions in the capital, with four patients being treated outside of Dhaka.

In Dhaka, 469 dengue patients (82.13%) were hospitalised.


According to DGHS statistics, 219 individuals were hospitalised in June's 12 days, 163 in May, 23 in April, 20 each in February and March, and 126 in January.

In an April pre-monsoon study, the DGHS discovered a larger number of Aedes mosquitoes in Dhaka than in 2021 and projected that the dengue situation would deteriorate unless immediate action was done.

At least 28,429 dengue cases and 105 fatalities were officially registered in 2021, the second-highest annual dengue hospitalisation and dengue mortality since Bangladesh began collecting data in 2000.

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