Healthcare to become more inclusive in Bahrain

Access to inclusive healthcare in Bahrain becomes a reality with the signing of a groundbreaking agreement. Find out how the "Eshraqat Card" program is making healthcare more affordable for sponsored patients, ensuring reduced prices for operations and other medical services. Discover the positive impact this collaboration will have on the community.

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An agreement was signed yesterday between the Royal Humanitarian Foundation, the Royal Bahrain Hospital and the KIMSHEALTH Bahrain Medical Center. This agreement is to ensure cooperation between the bodies and eventually low prices for their sponsored patients through the “Eshraqat Card” endeavor.


Under the agreement the Eshraqat patients will pay reduced prices for operations or other healthcare services.

The Eshraqat Card project was started by the Royal Humanitarian Foundation. It provides reduced prices for medical services to all cardholders in some 220 medical facilities. 

The President of the Royal Bahrain Hospital Mr.Ahmed Jawahery commented that this agreement is fully aligned with the quest of his hospital to help community members and he is proud to have signed it. The agreement is to be renewed annually.

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