Health Ministry of Fiji to start vaccination for 5-11 year olds

Get the COVID-19 vaccine for your child - Health Ministry of Fiji announces vaccination for 5-11 year olds. Ensure their safety and protect them from the virus with rigorous testing and scientific evidence. Parental agreement is essential but not mandated. Join the fight against transmission.

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A decrease in the transmission of COVID-19 is predicted by vaccination, according to health officials.


Children should be vaccinated because of the current scientific evidence, says Dr. James Fong, the Permanent Secretary, "In the same way that you put your faith in the procedure when you take pills and other drugs that you take, we have to approach vaccinations the same way. All vaccines are put through a rigorous process to determine their safety, especially for children."

As on July 2, the Ministry of Health will begin providing vaccines for children aged five to eleven. Even if the government comes up with a compelling reason, Dr. Fong argues that parental agreement is essential and that vaccinations for children are currently not mandated.

"The ministry detected an epidemic of children's influenza," he stated. Vaccinating them will help prevent the virus from spreading to those who are more vulnerable.

According to the Ministry, a total of 138,808 people have gotten booster shots as of yesterday.

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