Haiti celebrates Women’s Health Day by screening hundreds of women

Screening for cervical cancer and providing vital healthcare services to hundreds of women in Haiti on Women's Health Day. Learn how a mobile clinic is making a positive impact in communities without accessible healthcare.

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Hundreds of women were tested for cervical cancer and other problems by a social assistance organization in Haiti to observe the International Day of Action for Women's Health.


On May 28 by 11 am several women arrived at the Union for Haiti (LPH) mobile clinic in Girardo, Port-au-Prince, around 200 women from the different Port-au-Prince regions. They were tested for cervical cancer and given a vaginal health check, as well as birth control pills. The women also received a package of oil, rice, beans, and other food items.

Guirlène Boucicaut, LPN's coordinator said that “The mobile clinic has a positive effect on women who can receive proper health care. Results indicate that some women have problems in their cervixes.

Many people in Haiti cannot pay for healthcare at hospitals or it isn't accessible in their communities, which is why good mobile clinics are an absolute necessity. The hospitals can't operate at complete capacity due to an increase in strikes.

Bourcicaut said that they are doing their best to help all those who need help. However, it is difficult to provide such a service without external aid or funds.

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