Greece reform their healthcare system

Reforming the Healthcare System in Greece: Tackling Inadequacies and Investing in Primary Care

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During the memorandum years, public health resources were "dramatically destroyed," according to Alexis Tsipras, leader of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance. This outbreak "highlighted the terrible inadequacies on a worldwide, European, and Greek level" of public health resources.


One of Greece's leading opposition figures claimed that "dramatic indicators" of death for journalists Babis Koutras and Antonis Sroiter, professors Yiannis Kalomenidis and Athina Linou, as well as professor Athanassios Tsakris, emerged from a conference on "The Health System in the New Era," hosted by Proto Thema and ygeiamou.


Tsipras stressed Syriza's promises for a comprehensive health plan. He explained that primary care is the focus of the plan. At the time, the main opposition branded primary care as being "Soviet-style.".


To boost primary health care, Tsipras stated that "investing in prevention and shifting away from a hospital-centered system whose core pivot is therapy" is the rationale. To keep pace with the rest of Europe, the party intends to invest an additional 3 billion euros over the next three years. 'You wouldn't ask me where I got the money if I told you that we needed 3 billion euros for the military,' he says. Is there any significance to asking this question in the context of public health?

In the United States, elections are held in record time.

The opposition leader reminded the administration that "You can't merely focus on balanced budgets" with a "safe, modern and functional National Health System."

The Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, has denied that the Maximos Mansion was the source of early election rumors. It's important to make progress, but the opposition leader lamented, "We are in a rush because one thing bothers me—what we will inherit" after the election.

SYRIZA's leader contended that his administration's "Katrougalos bill" (named after one of its ministers) had a fair distribution of obligations and advantages in relation to Turkey's foreign policy. After Greece left the third bailout deal, it recovered minor but significant losses suffered by middle-class citizens.

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