Gratitude on social media for the retiring Health Minister

Gratitude on social media for the retiring Health Minister who has played a pivotal role in transforming Oman's healthcare system and leading the fight against Covid-19. Social media users express their thanks and admiration for his commitment and contributions, highlighting the improvements in healthcare under his leadership. As the new Minister of Health is nominated, the retiring Health Minister's dedication and impact on the health sector are widely recognized and celebrated.

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During the past 10 years, healthcare in Oman has made a dramatic improvement. The infant mortality rate in Oman has decreased, and communicable diseases have been abolished. The healthcare system of the Sultanate is cutting-edge and staffed with professionals.


Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al Sa’eedi is the person who has made all of this happen. He was also the man to head the fight against Covid-19. His contributions to the development of Oman's health care system over the years have been substantial.

Thursday's nomination of Dr. Hilal bin Ali al Sabti as the new Minister of Health by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik sparked widespread recognition on social media of Dr. Sa'eedi's commitment to the health sector.

"Dr. Sa'eedi will never be forgotten," tweeted Ibn Esi. The COVID-19 was kept in check thanks to you. I value your efforts and thank you for them. I am awed by this man. Thank you, sir."


On Twitter, Al Saidi expressed gratitude to Sa'eedi. “It is deserved that he retires to rest. You were always punctual and within budget."

Ahmed al Salmi felt reassured by Dr. Sa'eedi's presence. "He was all-inclusive. During the initial phases of the pandemic, he provided solace. "Many thanks, Dr. Sa'eedi."

Others have portrayed the mission of Dr. Sa'eedi as both challenging and beneficial. Dr. Amal Ambusaidi, a famous psychologist, praised her for her poise, eloquence, and knowledge of human psychology.

According to Dr. Sa'eedi, if we want next year to be a better year for our health care system, we must all work to maintain it robust by taking precautions.

Everyone listened to his advice and in doing so prevented the pandemic from spreading this year.

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