Finland's Biobanks (FINBB) partners with TriNetX to accelerate clinical and biomedical testing in Finland

FINBB partners with TriNetX to boost clinical and biomedical testing in Finland. Learn how this collaboration aims to increase the number of clinical trials, connect healthcare institutions, and benefit patients.

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The cooperative, Finnish Biobanks (FINBB), held by the 6 major hospital districts & universities in the country of Finland as well as the Finnish Institute for Health & Welfare, has merged with TriNetX, the global network of healthcare organizations dedicated to accelerating the development of new therapies. 


By collaborating, FINBB is hoping to expand the number of clinical trials in Finland. It also aims to boost the connection between major Finnish healthcare institutions and its national network called Fingenious®, as well as entice more research undertakings.

The number of clinical trials executed in Finland over the last decade has declined, according to FINBB CEO Marco Hautalahti. “As a result, physicians have fewer opportunities to learn about innovative and inventive treatments and drugs, as well as the benefits they can offer to their patients. We believe our collaboration with TriNetX will help us switch these trends in Finland, which will benefit many patients suffering from terrible diseases. This represents an opportunity for Finland's healthcare system as a whole."

“Having experience from the global market, TriNetX is in a unique position to efficiently link Finnish healthcare associations with R&D-led companies that are participating in the Fingenious® collaborative,” said Hautalahti. “TriNetX has a track record of implementation excellence & global reach. We at the Finnish Network Business Bureau reviewed the platform & found it extensive and easy to use.”

TRINetX joins healthcare organizations & data partners from around the world. It is the most extensive as well as the fastest-growing joint research network. Through its network of healthcare organizations, TriNetX has provided thousands of clinical trial opportunities and has been cited in hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications.

TriNetX's Sr. Vice President, says, "FINBB has joined the network and we are excited to welcome the company. Finland, with its mass and grade of structured data from the real world, is one of the most advanced countries in Europe. We look forward to assisting FINBB to improve its collaboration with the TriNetX global community."

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