Faji Kunda Health Center holds its 11th annual data and awards presentation

Celebrate the achievements and progress of Faji Kunda Health Center at its 11th annual awards and data presentation ceremony. Recognizing outstanding staff contributions and addressing areas for improvement, this event highlights the commitment to quality healthcare in Western Health Region 1. Join us in honoring the dedication of our healthcare workers and the support of the community.

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Last Thursday, the Faji Kunda Major Health Center held its 11th annual awards and data presentation at a ceremony at the center. 


The officials used the occasion to recognize the efforts of deserving staff members who have made significant inroads in their respective specialties. In a similar manner, the data presentation ceremony lets officials assess the progress that the facility has made in the last year. Loopholes were identified with the intent of addressing them at a future point in time. 

Faji Kunda Major Health Center serves the whole of the Western Health Region 1 and has a catchment of over 200,000 people. 

The Officer in charge of the center, Ramatoulie Camara welcomed the gathering, reminding everybody that the award presentation and data presentation have been a routine annual event over the years since the center was established in 2012. 


OIC Camara said that this year was a mixed basket, with a lot of accomplishments along with some lapses too. He thanked the community for their excellent support in standing by the staff and the facility which was instrumental in the success of this center. 

The Principal Nursing Officer, Fatou Sanyang who is also the Director of Western Health Region 1, reminded everybody to keep up a healthcare environment and need to engage in staff coordination and staff management. 

She issued a friendly challenge to OIC Camara to create a good environment for the staff, and also to ensure that morality, as well as staff welfare, was taken into account. 


Alhagie Sankareh who is the regional director of health services in Western Region #1, said that teamwork is the key to any successful endeavor. He also congratulated the Senior management team at the center for their tolerance and perseverance. He recognized the fact that managing staff from different areas and backgrounds was not an easy job. 

Sankareh also spoke of plans to operationalize the operation theater very soon and thanked everyone who supported the facility to ensure that quality healthcare is delivered. He informed those present that the Gambian government is working through the Ministry to ensure the empowerment of the health officials. He said there needs to be a change in the attitude of the healthcare workers. 

Sankareh also disclosed the directorate’s hardline stance against poor work, and challenged the healthcare workers to change their attitudes to a more positive one.

Concluding the event, Fatima Beh, deputy OIC of the center, and Pateh Saho, were in charge of a data presentation. 

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