Dr. Joshua Lee gets appointed as director of the lung transplant department at Beth Israel Medical Center

Dr. Joshua Lee appointed as director of lung transplant department at Beth Israel Medical Center, bringing over ten years of experience in pulmonary medicine. He will focus on enhancing accessibility to single and double lung transplants and improving pulmonary care for residents of New Jersey.

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Dr. Joshua Lee has been appointed to the position of director of lung transplants at the Beth Israel Center's Lung transplant and Advanced Lung Disease Program. This scheme is New Jersey's only one dedicated to lung transplantation.


The team for lung transplant is fortunate to have Lee on board thanks to his more than ten years of experience in pulmonary medicine. In his new position, he will continue to push clinical and research-based programs that enhance accessibility to single as well as double transplants of the lung. These initiatives will be the focus of his work.

According to Darrell Terry Sr., CEO and president of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children's Hospital of New Jersey, "Dr. Lee is indeed an extraordinary physician with a real understanding for boosting our lung transplant program; increasing access for patients across our state and region, and making sure that residents of New Jersey receive excellent pulmonary care."

Before starting work at Newark Beth Israel, Lee was a pulmonologist at in New York. In addition to that, he worked as a critical and pulmonary physician at Montefiore Medical Center.

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