Dengue fever is on the rise, according to health officials

Rising Dengue Fever Cases Highlight Urgent Need for Action

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Dengue fever has become more widespread, according to the National Dengue Control Unit.

According to Najith Sumanasena, Chairman of the Government Entomologist Association, the solidity of dengue larvae has grown in the country as a result of the heavy rain, resulting in a large number of cases in some locations.


Fuel shortages, according to the Chairman of the Government Entomologist Association, have impeded dengue eradication operations.

Meanwhile, the Government Medical Officers' Association cautions that if dengue fever spreads unchecked, it might become a catastrophic epidemic.

In a statement, the association also stated that dengue outbreaks, which happen every 5 years, are likely to occur this year if essential measures are not implemented.

In 2017, a dengue widespread was detected for the first time.

The Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) informs that due to a serious scarcity of medicine and a loss of public attention due to the country's crisis, the sum of preventable deaths from dengue fever will rise this year.

According to the GMOA, over 25,000 dengue patients have been documented so far this year, with the Western Province accounting for 40% of them.

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