Covid vaccination for young infants; FDA panel recommends

FDA panel recommends Covid vaccination for young infants. The approval of BioNTech and Moderna's vaccines for kids from 6 months to 5 years brings relief to parents waiting to vaccinate their children. Learn about the importance of vaccinating young children and the rare complications associated with Covid in this article.

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On Wednesday, the FDA advisers approved both BioNTech and Moderna’s vaccines for young kids. The Committee for Vaccine and Related Biological Products conducted a vote, for which there was unanimous support in favor of passing the vote. 


The vaccine by Moderna could be given to kids from 6 months to 5 years, whereas Pfizer’s vaccines are for kids from 6 months to 4 years. 

Although this vote is not the final step to rolling out the vaccines to the public, it’ll speed up the process and will come as a relief for those who have been waiting to vaccinate their kids below 5. 

After this vote, the FDA will have to take the decision, and then CDC should also approve the same before the shots can be administered.  The members of the panel believe that even after getting the necessary approval, the choice is with the parents whether to vaccinate their kids or not. Although younger kids don’t see the worse symptoms of Covid, deaths and critical cases may happen. 

Dr. Peter Marks, top vaccine regulator revealed to the committee that 442 kids under the age of 5 have died from Covid. Kids may also contract an uncommon compilation of Covid known as MIS-C, which results in serious inflammations all over the body. On the bright side, these complications are very rare and most kids will recover easily. 

Results from clinical trials conducted by both Pfizer and Moderna promise safe usage for kids. Complications such as myocarditis, which was seen in adults are yet to be found among kids.

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