Coratia health ministry finalizes the site for new immunology institute

Croatia Health Ministry finalizes site for new Immunology Institute in Rugvica business area near Zagreb. The facility aims to become a leading vaccine manufacturer and contribute to global healthcare. Construction is set to begin within 2 years to meet the rising demand for snake antidotes.

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According to reports by Marija Crnjak/PoslovniDnevnik, as a result of the combined determination of the Immunology Institute, Ministry of Physical Planning, and the Ministry of Health, Rugvica business area close to Zagreb has been finalized as the permanent location of the proposed Croatian Immunology Institute. 


Vili Beros, the country’s Health Minister said, “Due to protracted legal difficulties with the old site, we pushed forward with new strategy and there is a robust effort and will from the Ministry of Health, the Croatian Government, and Croatian Immunology Institute to reimagine the Immunology Institute as one of the nation’s crucial institutions,”

Consequently, the Rugvica Municipality has contributed 69,761 m2 of land in the north of Rugvica business area for the construction of the pharmaceutical plant and another facility for antitoxins, and yet another for animal immunosera manufacture which will eventually be used for both animals and humans with the main aim of creating antitoxins using European snakes’ poison. 

The erection of the facility should start before the end of 2 years while it will take about 9 months to get the facility’s construction up to functional phase. The construction will make use of the prefabricated integrated pieces where some rooms are premeditated and manufactured outside the facility and coupled into the building. 


Although the Croatian Immunology Institute allows the breeding and testing of animals, there are prior basic conditions the construction of facilities for dealing with hyperimmune horse plasma in the new facility and will have to be handled as a unit where everything from forming to stuffing and equipping would happen. Every other resource in the Sveta Nedelja farm will serve all the above function.

Speaking further Beros said, “The Croatian Immunology Institute symbolizes the hallmark of our scientific advancement and all contributions from all departments are justified. Announcing the end of the pandemic is the simplest thing to do—and then become overwhelmed at the slightest emergence of a new problem. We want to choose the more difficult but right way. This is the first step and collectively we will find ways to keep uplifting the Croatian Immunology Institute. This will help bring back its glory, and place it on the world map as one of the leading vaccine manufacturers and other products. The first stage will be the development of vaccines for rubella and measles which is needed by both the Croatian and the world markets.”

Croatia is barreling towards snake antidote self-sufficiency which sees a spike in requests during summer vacations when snake bites are more prevalent.  

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