Collaboration with Iran and Iraq to help the health care sector

Collaboration with Iran and Iraq to enhance healthcare sector coordination and cooperation. Discussions between health ministers of both countries on academic exchange, medical equipment sharing, and mutual support to combat COVID-19. Plans to register Iranian-made drugs in Iraq and explore hosting medical conferences in Iran. Memorandum of Understanding to be signed for further cooperation.

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As part of his journey to Iraq, Iran's Health and Medical Education Minister Bahram Einollahi will meet Iraqi authorities such as Party leader Barham Salih, Party Leader Mustafa al-Kadhimi, and President of the Islamic Central Committee of Iraq Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim.


To that end, he stressed the significance of Tehran-Baghdad ties and called for closer medical cooperation between the two nations.

Both Einollahi and Kadhimi explored the idea of creating mutual relations, according to Iranian media.

According to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the countries' common history and cultural links make it imperative that they work together to provide services.


In his speech, the Iranian minister emphasized the need of sharing academics, students, medical equipment, and medications.

He met with Iraq's president to discuss the need of following previously agreed-upon agreements, as well as exchanging ideas and information, during Einollahi's visit.

In a meeting at al-Salam Palace, Einollahi delivered President Jalal Talabani of Iraq's greetings from Ebrahim Raisi. Talabani's response was cordial and polite.


Salih and Einollahi, two adjacent countries, were happy with the improvement in relations between them.

Iran's health minister has expressed his country's support for Iraqi security and stability and believes that bilateral ties can safeguard both countries' interests.

Al-Hakim had a meeting with the Foreign Minister.


Both sides addressed COVID-19, according to the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq's media office.

They initially met in Najaf, Iraq. Iranian and Iraqi doctors have been encouraged to share medical data.

According to Hakim, the coronavirus outbreak honed the abilities of healthcare professionals. In Iraq and Iran, the plague was successfully battled.


During his visit to Iraq, the Iranian health minister met with his Iraqi counterpart to discuss enhancing medical coordination and collaboration, as well as registering Iranian-made drugs in Iraq.

The Iranian official went on to say that his country is open to hosting medical conferences in Iran and treating Iraqi patients there in an effort to improve healthcare cooperation. He said that during their journey, they will discuss and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) addressing mutual cooperation in these sectors.

Doctor Hani Al Iqabi, Iraq's health minister, said that his country had established mechanisms to speed up the registration of Iranian-made drugs and expressed hope that Iraqi physicians may benefit from Iranians' experience. Dr. Hani Al Iqabi:

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