Blood donation camp at Qatargas proved to be a huge success

Qatargas Blood Donation Camp Results in Record Number of Donations by Staff and Contractors

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Following a two-year hiatus caused by COVID-19 constraints, staff, contractors, and families of Qatargas enthusiastically took part in a blood drive hosted for two months throughout the company's premises in Doha, Al Khor, and Ras Laffan. 


A record 366 people donated blood during the event this year, which was run by the business's medical division in conjunction with HMC (Hamad Medical Corporation). 

Blood was collected by HMC's blood collection van at the North and South Qatargas Plants in Ras Laffan, the Al Khor Community Medical Center, the Qatargas Navigation Tower Offices, and the Qatargas Doha headquarters from workers, families, and contractors. 

On March 23, at Al Khor, the campaign officially began. It was over on May 25 at the Qatar Navigation Tower. The effort was assisted by more than 25 healthcare professionals from HMC as well as Qatargas Medical Services Department.

Qatargas's Manager of Medical Services commented on the campaign's unparalleled success, saying: "For the past 2 decades, Qatargas has organized blood donation drives in collaboration with HMC. This program, which is a component of the company's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts, aims to include staff members in a variety of health awareness initiatives and help regional health organizations. Each year, these drives save the lives of tens of thousands of patients while also promoting a stronger voluntary blood donation culture."

On the occasion of World Hand Hygiene Day, the Department of  Medical Services at Qatargas prepared a dedicated campaign to promote hand hygiene. The significance of hand hygiene for the protection of workers, their families, and the larger society was emphasized throughout the program.

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