Bermuda Government Keen on Improving Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients

Discover the efforts of Bermuda's government to enhance stroke rehabilitation services and infrastructure. Evolution Healing Centre, a renowned physiotherapy facility, is conducting a survey to gather data and improve the quality of care for stroke patients. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute your experiences if you're a Bermuda resident who has received stroke treatment.

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To better understand the infrastructure of stroke rehabilitation and related services in the island of Bermuda, a healthcare outfit will conduct a thorough survey. In the coming weeks, Evolution Healing Centre, which is a reputed and renowned facility for physiotherapy rehabilitation, will launch an online survey. It will be available to anyone who is a resident of Bermuda and has had treatment as a result of having suffered a stroke.


“We think that this study is a good first step towards obtaining data, which can then be utilized to improve the infrastructure,” said Dr. Watkins, a senior physiotherapist with Evolution. According to data collected by the Bermuda Hospitals Board about two years back, there were roughly five stroke incidents every week. Also, there were seven cases of transient ischemic attack – a short stroke-like event - each week.

“Even with adequate primary prevention measures in place, this number won’t go down in the island because of its demographic profile, with the proportion of seniors expected to rise. On a national scale, the Health Ministry has identified stroke as being the second leading cause of death and the third most common factor that causes disability in 2019. ”

As a result, it is critical that data be gathered regarding stroke rehabilitation opportunities in Bermuda. Alongside, the experiences of people who have received this treatment should be duly noted. To our awareness, till date no one has conducted any research on this topic.

“While there is a worldwide movement to improve stroke related rehabilitation services, Bermuda must grab this opportunity to lead because of its area and access to healthcare professionals in the requisite niches.”

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