Bahrain’s Supreme Council on Health aims to make healthcare accessible and easier

Bahrain's Supreme Council on Health is making healthcare accessible and convenient with measures such as the "Choose your Doctor" program. These initiatives aim to improve early disease detection and treatment by unifying medical records into a database, reducing wait times, and ensuring sufficient staffing. Learn how the government is prioritizing the health of its citizens.

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The President of the Supreme Council of Health, Lieutenant-General Dr. Al Khalifa has outlined the measures taken by the government to make sure that basic health care was accessible for each and every citizen. 


This came on the sidelines of Dr. Mohammed’s attendance at the weekly Majlis laid out by the Muharraq Governorate. It was hosted by Governor Salman Al Mannai. The Supreme Council of Health’s head described the autonomy project undertaken by the health centers, as well as a program that allows the patient to “Choose your Doctor”. This program allows both the individual as well as the family to link up with a doctor they choose and prefer. 

According to him, these development projects will lend a hand in the early detection of many diseases, especially hereditary diseases, with their in-time treatments. These will become easier as the medical records have been unified into a database. It will be available to the doctor who is assessing that patient at that particular moment for effective treatment. 

Dr. Mohammed also said that the health centers in the kingdom are properly staffed, with the right number of specialists and doctors. These are in tune with the density of population in the concerned area. This tactic allows for lesser wait time for patients and appointments to be easily had. 

The President of the SCH voiced his appreciation and thanks to the attendees as well as the Governor. He emphasized that this meeting is a confirmation of the community partnership of the moment, between SCH and its citizens. 

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